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Fall wedding with cascading greens, florals & candles at Barnsley Resort

Photographer | Anna Howard Studios

Venue | Barnsley Gardens Resort

Floral Design | Anik Flowers

Adriana's romantic heart envisioned lots of rich cascading garlands of foliage for the ceremony site under one of the tree boughs in the meadow and lots more indoors for her reception. Because of all the rain we had this past fall, the ceremony was moved inside, in the Georgian Hall Ballroom, in front of the grand fireplace. All the decor meant for the outdoor tree was instead draping this grand fireplace along with a sea of candles. The effect was breathtaking, with foliage and roses cascading down in waterfalls over the wood mantel. The room was then flipped to hold the reception, transforming the ballroom into a lush garden full of candle light and lush greens and fall colors of reds, blush roses, and creams.

Estate tables with raised floral garlands and suspended candle globes, created a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for the guests, with the head estate tables accented with runners of greens and candles, hosting the bridesmaids fall bouquets. The wedding cake did not escape lush dramatic designs with cascading blooms in the color story of the wedding becoming quite a visual centerpiece. The overall elegance of all designs provided the romantic garden feel and atmosphere that Adriana's heart had dreamed of and envisioned while dreaming about the marriage with her special Sean. Blessings to the happy couple, and thank you for the honor of this day!

Thank you to their excellent wedding planner,

Ryan Marston of Organized Occasion ~

Venue ~ Barnsley Gardens Resort

All Photography ~ Anna Howard Studios ~

A-S-Barnsley-Wedding-suspended globes

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