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The Story of Anik Flowers

S O P H I S T I C A T E D | R O M A N T I C | T I M E L E S S | E L E G A N T


When I sat down with Anik to discuss her brand I was immediately drawn to the love she has for her clients, and her passion for their individual stories. I wanted to help her create a brand that captured her heart for her clients and her ability to tell their unique story through her floral designs.

She does not do what she does to simply create beautiful spaces. Her work is a spiritual process, and each of her arrangements convey a unique tale specific to each bride. She considers her clients friends, and their wedding becomes very personal to her. She goes the extra mile with her clients by taking the time to listen to their needs, and staying with them through the entire process of planning the event, to the day of. She applies precision to her designs and ensures that every detail is given specific attention to.

I drew inspiration from visuals of a vintage secret garden to capture her romantic heart, her European heritage, and her love for all things nature.


Visuals of a romantic, vintage, secret garden were chosen as subtle inspiration that appeals to the romantic heart of the glowing bride. The results are whimsical and engaging, inviting the client into a reality where her vision comes to life.



"To create floral designs that visually tell a unique and timeless tale specific

to you and your love story. No story is the same, no love competes with another. These designs serve as a key to unlock the breathtaking

aspects that makes your story yours.


In the end, Anik's arrangements speak for themselves. They are timeless, stunning, and never lacking in heart. The photos of her work carry the brand. Take a look at her work here.

This made creating a beautiful brand an easy task for me. I just needed to mirror her spirit and authenticity through the graphics and voice of the brand.

The ideas flowed freely, and we decided to create a logo that reflects the whimsical, adventurous, romantic side born in every little girl and expressed in the heart of the bride.

It pulls from the vintage secret garden theme, and the result is both fanciful and elegant; a visual reality that seems to speak to the dreams found in the feminine heart.

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