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Atlanta, Georgia Floral Design and Event Styling Services

Bringing Value To Your Brand & Company’s Important Moments

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Make your next corporate event a welcoming and warm experience with floral designs and decor that fits your vision and brand.

As a business, we understand the impact of properly representing your brand and your brand experience to your customers and your team. As designers, we take it to heart to bring you floral and event designs that are inspiring, creative and polished and bring value to you and your team.

Our team will meet one on one with your planner to listen to your goals and vision and bring you a product and experience you can be proud of.

Past Atlanta Corporate Events Clients

Coca Cola
Parkway Properties
Executive Women of Goizueta EWG
John’s Creek
Med Assets
Country Club of the South
Kimberly Clark
Atlanta Marriot Alpharetta
Barnsley Gardens Resort
Shane Company
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The Anik Collective Team

Anik drives this company and is head of creative endeavors and decision-making.


The Anik Collective team is supplemented by a multitude of experienced talent based on each event's needs. This creates a collective of perspectives and experiences which enhance the creative process and bolster your results.

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