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Romantic Southern Garden Wedding. Barnsley Gardens Manor House.

Photography | Lindsey Nicole

Beautiful photography by @LindseyNicolephotography

Bride and Groom stand, their hearts exposed, intertwining like the brick arch covered with climbing ivy and white roses. They say their vows of unending love towards one another surrounded by friends and family gathered for a quaint Southern wedding at the Barnsley Gardens Manor House. White petals thrown in celebration cascade through the air adorning the newly married couple clasping hands joyously as they walk for the first time as husband and wife. The bride carries her bouquet full of white, blue, and purple wild flowers as she will hold the memories of this momentous day for the rest of her life.

A stolen moment for themselves, he kisses her cascading curls crowned with beauty and flowers before they join their expectant guests seated outside underneath the oak trees. Tables crafted with care, twinkling lights strewn from the overhanging branches and tall white candles illuminate the faces of the happy couple and those gathered for their special day. Center pieces of white delicate blooms amidst crawling greenery intertwining like the young couples fingers under the table tenderly touching as those they love wish them well.

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