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Spring into Beauty Flower Workshop, April 13, 2019

I am excited to branch out into the new with this Floral Design Class in April. It feels somewhat natural though because i find myself being a natural encourager with people around me, including those working with me or for me. One of the parts i really have find joy in my work is to allow young budding floral talent to explore their potentials and to allow them to take risks beyond their comfort zones while creating with me for events. It is always an incredible reward for them, for me, and the event. I think a lot of people have been stifled in their freedom to create and so they do not really know their own potential. I want to create a space for you to do just that.

So this should be just a splendid time of discovery and enjoying natures beauty through flowers. Spring is just so rich in its array of options of fresh flowers to create gorgeous fresh garden or sophisticated or whimsical designs for centerpieces or other.

All this taking place at a quaint location of Crazy Love Coffee House in the charm of downtown historic Roswell. The harm along with the sweet and delicious taste of their coffee and sweet treats, including their famous Belgian Liege waffles.

Additionally fun is the collaboration with Glori of Glorious Moments Photography. Team work is definitely an asset and a strength in events and in family. Glori and I are like family :) We share our lives, career paths and friendship. She's has a vibrant personality and its always a joy working with her. She has a wonderful way with people and a way to engage them and take marvelous pictures with them. So this is the win win combo. Truly a talented photographer she should help us capture our creations beautifully.

Finally a definite win-win is the ability to give back to the community in a small way, so we are looking forward to being able to contribute to the betterment of other women's lives through our choice of charity being Wellspring Living.

Wellspring Living has been serving survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation since 2001.

We are devoted to safeguarding and empowering domestic sex trafficking victims and those at risk to develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.

Through life-giving residential and community-based programs, girls and young women are provided the opportunity to live and dream again.

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